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Oakley Prizm Golf Lenses Peeling/Flaking?


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I only clean them with 50/50 soap and dawn. Same for all oakleys i've ever had. This is on my flak 2.0 uranium, which I don't wear all the time (maybe less than 25 ever) because well, the uranium frame is kinda flashy and my golf game is only flashy how I slice my hits so well, i'm a baker or butcher! There's nothing I can feel that indicates peeling (light run of fingernail too). Did it get jealous and dying on me because I fought another set of prizm golf to wear on my flak 2.0 xl (another thread where the lenses are slightly loose). grrrr
I wonder if Oakley would have a discount program for replacement lenses, at least some loyalty program. I'll bring all (7) or so of my sunglasses to the store then! (except ones I broke and threw in the past like 90s and early 2000s)

I saw one post here that has the speckle (as I call it) effect like the one on my 3rd pic. It's hard to get the angle but having the light on top seems to be only way to capture the damage.




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Jon the Don

Hello there.
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Kent, England
The coating is fickle stuff.

Sometimes hard as nails, other times as flaky as the flakiest pastry!

Think environmental issues play a huge role.

No point in getting mad, accept it is part of Lux ownership, bin 🗑 ‘em and move on.


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