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One of the newest Oakley PRIZM lenses, Oakley Prizm Snow Dark Grey, offers a subtle alternative to the darker Prizm Black lens. Originally requested by Oakley-sponsored skiers and snowboarders, this lens was designed for those who wanted a dark lens that was also subtle.

But how does this new lens actually perform on the mountain?

We got our hands on Prizm Snow Dark Grey to see how this lens stands up to real-world conditions. Now, keep reading for our full Prizm Snow Dark Grey review.

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What is Oakley Prizm Snow Dark Grey Lens?
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I have to agree with the feedback that brought about this colorway! Excellent idea and cannot wait until I get a set of donors for my XX! I have the black snow and they are super useful on SUPER bright days but if it is a partly cloudy or some sun day they are entirely to dark. Coming from a guy who lives where it is white for half the year or more! Ive used and loved the Sapphire snow for everyday use and the Torch snow for cloudy day use but from the sounds of it these Grey snows might just be the perfect in between unless its a heavy cloudy or active snowing type of day then back to the torch! Thanks for the article!


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Oh yes, dark lenses are just what I need. But I also like fluorescent lenses, which reflect any type of light. I once ran into a guy on a snowmobile who was shining his high beam right into my eyes, and my old ski goggles with plain black lenses didn't help me stay on my feet. That fall was very painful. What do you think of ski glasses with a vision-polarized effect? I've tried a few of these when I've been to the mountains. I think I'll buy the exact same glasses as my best friend this year. He had two pairs and loaned them to me last winter. That's when I discovered how cool it is to use these polarized glasses with three layers of excellent eye protection.

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