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  1. Chad j

    Chad j Guest

    I am new to this forum, I am a member of Oakley standard issue and I am looking at buying some of the Prism Lens.
    I am debating whether to purchase the TR22 or the TR45 lens.
    I read somewhere that this is Target Red 22 and Target Red 45, its how much red light is allowed to pass through.
    I am trying to see if anyone out there can help me with my decision.
    I wanted to see what lens folks have out there and what they think.
    I also read that the 45's are for more low light situations and the 22's are for more bright sunny days.
    can any owners of the glasses advise on the lens you have and how they work out?
    Again, just looking for help deciding what to get.
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  2. darkdan

    darkdan Oakley Beginner

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    TR22 has a visible light transmission of 22%, while the TR45 has 45% VLT. So yes, the 22 would be better for brighter days. If the 45% allows more red light to pass through I believe it would just be a function of a lighter lens.