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Oakley Radar Anti-freeze


Oakley Expert
I got somewhat lucky, it took a month but good fortune smiled on me. I was in Calgary at the end of July and saw a pair of Anti-freeze radars in the O vault. I was with my wife and I had already bought a pair of Holbrooks and as she put it "yet another pair of f'in Jawbones" while we were on holidays. So as to not push my luck and to increase my chances of having a "good" night in a nice hotel away from the kids I didn't even ask to see them and walked away. Well I called the Vault in Calgary and to my surprise they still had the glasses, I asked and there was no way they could sell them to me over the phone so I asked if they could put them on hold. So now I had till the end of today to get them, I had to ask a friend if he could make it all the way over to the Vault from the other end of the Calgary and grab them for me. He sweet talked his girlfriend into going down there and paying for them and picking them up for me, so now I have a pair safely in my friends hands 8 hours away from me. He will be coming here in a month so he will bring them then, unless I get antsy and just ask him to ship them too me. Total price paid, $141.80 taxes in.

And if your wondering, yes I did have a "good" night in the hotel as well. So all was well then and I still got the glasses in the end.
lol does your wife know about this little extra O transaction!
That's an awesome friend you have to go to all that trouble.

Can't wait for pics. That price is a steal.
congrat's man!
Nope, no idea. What I have found is that now I'm up to 20 pairs she either doesn't care or she can't keep track of what's in the display case. Couple weeks ago I bought 2 pairs of Shaun White Holbrooks and the Shaun White Dispatch, then last week was a pair of custom Jawbones that are 3 colors mathing the Italian flag and a pair of silver & dark grey stock Jawbones. The silver's were bought for 2 reasons, 1 they match our grey dog so they are my dog walking glasses and when he is old enough to run I will wear those running and I really wanted the photocromatic lens for a bike race on Sunday. She picked up on the Italian edition as I've dubbed them but the others slipped right under her nose. I don't mean to brag or "butter my own bread" but I've had the moto that what she doesn't know won't hurt her, and as long as the kids have what they need and all the bills are pair I feel free to buy some things. I've bought far more expensive things without telling her, example would be my triathlon bike, total cost as it hangs in my basement is about $15,000. I bought the wheels at one time and then sold my old bike and then bought a new frame with all the components and upgraded as I saw fit. She has no idea what the value is on that bike. Then I bought a new road bike, same story bought slowly over time I smuggle parts in and ride out on a $12,000 road rig. I'm not encouraging lying to your spouse, and I don't lie, I just don't tell her and she doesn't ask. And for the ladies out there, yes I have bought her a new diamond ring.
I believe they are the XL, which works for me as a cyclist. It makes sense to have a larger top half to the lens, of course I'm not sure I'll ever wear them cycling. I have custom Jawbones that match each of my bikes so these may be a pair for the display.
well, the trick is to get your collection to maybe 40 pairs and then it will be easier for you to hide the new frames since she might lose track of what is new nd what is old... when asked, just say it has been there ever since and change the topic to her shoes or something
I'm halfway to the magic 40 pairs, and have more on order. I waiting on echelon bones, goldbrooks, jupiter camo holbrooks and Shaun White plaintiff's. I'm in Canada and when I spoke to Oakley Canada I was told that I will see a pair of echelon's because I put in an order with a dealer before they sold out and same story with the goldbrook. Then I also have a trip planned to Edmonton which has a great O store so that will probably result in a couple more pairs.