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  1. Brandonman

    Brandonman Oakley Beginner

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    what is the deal with the Oakley riddle lens replacement. The Oakley online stores and after market companies like seek optics non of which makes replacement lens for riddle. Can someone help direct me to where I can buy replacement lens for the riddle. Did the name change and should I be searching for replacement lens in a different name? Any advice would be great. Thanks
    Last edited: 5/21/16
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  2. Herbsley

    Herbsley Royal Duke of Hijinx

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    Unfortunately you will find that most of the Women's range of eyewear does not make it into the Oakley Custom Program, or have replacement lens availability.
    It may be, therefore, that replacement OEM lenses were never actually made available other than from Oakley Customer Services (have you tried calling to check?) or from warranty.
  3. BlackClu

    BlackClu Oakley Beginner

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    Yea, unfortunately they discontinue lenses shortly after they discontinue complete glasses. Especially on glasses that they didnt make for a long time. I LOVED the Riddle, but I really messed up the lens, they didnt even have a replacement at Oakley HQ.