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Oakley Shoes

Oakley Ron

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I have a set of Shoe One... I got them in the mid 90's at a drag race when Scotty Cannon was racing the O car Mad Scientist.
Ive only worn them twice to a couple parties. I always wondered just how rare they ended up being. Ive seen low tops and high tops..mine are the high tops.


Oakley Beginner
Would you be willing to sell your pair? If they're size 12 i'd be very interested in them. I had a pair years ago that i woreuntil hey litteraly wore down to shreds. Let me know

Hamming Tools

Oakley Beginner
I used to work on a NHRA Funny Car. Almost all crewmembers wore the Oakley Teeth shoes. BEST shoe I have ever worn! I had 2 pairs, then they discontinued them. I wish they would bring them back!

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