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  1. xtremehardy388

    xtremehardy388 Oakley Beginner

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    Just got these in and they're awesome. I used the 1st Gen Assault boot when I went through the Firefighter Academy and they held up well. I mainly used them for classroom room, basic PT, and non-fire/extrication purposes. I also used them when conducting fire inspections (which meant walking on floors, dirt, debris filled rooms, and everything in between). They held up well and the tread didn't wear at all. I wish they had a clean toe that could be polished. Anyway, I bought the 8inch Assault Boot after I graduated the academy and used it when working on fire inspections and was a medic at various outdoor events. Again, they held up well but the clean toe kept a bit for desire and the vents allowed water to seep in. I felt like I was wearing tennis shoes and now a boot---fairly comfortable but didn't look too professional. When not wearing boots, I had the SI Assault Shoe. I used those on hot days for inspections, PT, and just around the office. They were great when I needed to kick off sheos and jump into my bunker gear. They were comfy but, you guessed it....lacked a clean toe. In all instances, they didn't always keep my feet warm (I'm from Michigan) and that's important.

    So after two + months of dealing with the SI program and their runaround/back order business, I finally got my All Weather boots in the mail. By far, one of the coolest pairs of boots. I wore them today and my feet didn't come close to cooking (it was low 80s/upper 70s). The tread is one of the most aggressive patterns I have ever seen. My feet were comfortable and I almost felt like the boots were pushing me up (bouncing, almost). I'm confident in these boots and they're close to a true fit. It will take a bit to work in the upper leg part but, otherwise, the footbed seems to have already molded to my foot. I posted a short/quick overview of the boots on youtube.

    Oakley SI All Weather Assault Boot! - 7659860682_843cfba39a.jpg
    394741_3541593699323_861218856_n by xtremehardy388, on Flickr
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