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Discussion in 'Upcoming Oakley Releases/Rumors' started by Ventruck, 5/7/16.

By Ventruck on 5/7/16 at 3:02 AM
  1. Ventruck


    Not trying to take away from the other threads, but conversation seems to split between the two of them. So basically just trying to consolidate things into one info thread for people who picked it up.

    Oakley Military & Government Sales
    Oakley SI Ballistic Shocktube - xMzQuanBnfGJiYzdkOWVkMDUwODA3YjAzNmM0YjRkYThjMmE3ZTI1MmExZmM0ZGNjNDc5YzAwZjI3ZjY5ZmY4ZTJhN2VlNTA.jpg

    Per the Oakley SI product page:


    SKU: OO9329-01 Matte Black /Grey
    SKU: OO9329-02 Matte Black/TR22 (Prizm)
    SKU: OO9329-03 Matte Black/TR45 Titanium Iridium (Prizm) (Not shown on SI site)
    SKU: OO9329-04 Terrain Tan/Grey
    SKU: OO9329-05 Matte Black+Red Icon/Black Iridium (listed as Polished Black frame)****


    • Eye: 62
    • Bridge: 17
    • Temple: 132

    As with any SI product, there are retailers who sell this pair. Pricing starts at $180 and goes up to $210. Of course, direct from the SI site would be cheaper if you qualify for such purchases.

    ****I just got my pair in, and so I definitely wanted to touch on the supposed polished black pair. As listed on some distributors website, and shown in these pics, it's actually matte. Comes with MF bag and bolt tool.

    Quick Impressions:

    I'm thrilled as hell to find this does in fact use PB2/Twenty XX nosebombs, so I immediately swapped an AF set in. Fit is generally snug, as you'd expect. Pretty cool as this follows suit with the M-Alpha in ditching the earsocks.

    So far it seems the details in the stem were really just there...to be there.
    Oakley SI Ballistic Shocktube - 20160506_230151.jpg
    Oakley SI Ballistic Shocktube - 20160506_234234.jpg
    Oakley SI Ballistic Shocktube - 20160506_230109.jpg
    Oakley SI Ballistic Shocktube - 20160506_225941.jpg
    Lens size is more or less the same, with the corners squared more to effectively open more viewing area. I can't really say it's a major player for bigger faces. Closest comparison I have is the PB2. Both the resting height and angle are similar, and I guess that's also due to the use of the same nosebombs.

    One thing really (and literally) sticking out to me about the Shocktube is how the bolt area/back corner hits my cheeks/temple. The frame is a bit thicker than on the Jawbone, and I assume with functional reason....but man I'd really like to take a file to that area to round it out because I can imagine that really digging in upon impact. But that's just my own face. May be a non-issue for others.

    I have not disassembled my pair. Literally just got my hands on it within about hour of this post so I really don't want to live out a potential spinning bolt nightmare off the bat. There's that, and I have no lenses to swap in anyway. Because the Shocktube has a dedicated design, I don't see myself exploring custom cuts. It just takes away from the original intentions of the pair.

    I doubt I'm gonna make a full review about it like I would with any new pick up. I have little reason to doubt its proficiency in extreme conditions that I'm not likely to find myself in.

    For the money (at retail), it's not a first option, given accessibility to try it on and little lens options. I really believe some edges need to be chamfered to make it feel more finished as well. For shooters, there really is no reason to take this over the M-Alpha and other sport pairs, but if you want a somewhat subtle pair that meets ballistic fragmentation standards, this would be it.

    I really just got this for that novelty (and I mean no disrespect to people who actually need this level of protection), and because it compliments my Jawbone of similar silhouette and colorway. More of a "remix" than an upgrade for the civilian customer, like when the Batman costume gets reintroduced (save for the nipples version).
    Last edited: 5/7/16

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Discussion in 'Upcoming Oakley Releases/Rumors' started by Ventruck, 5/7/16.

    1. washi me sensie

      washi me sensie

      Nice review... Kinda like the look of this pair....
      Ventruck likes this.

    2. schnitzeraffe


      Thanks for the insight.

      I just ordered the same pair yesterday.

      A little disappointed it isn't an actual polished black frame, but I'll live. ;)

      I hope I don't have the bolt-area-to-cheek contact you mention. :confused:

      And I hope someone posts some lens size / compatibility info soon.
      Di245 and Ventruck like this.

    3. OakleyFrankFMJ

      OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

      Once again. Well worth reading. :)
      Ventruck likes this.

    4. Lexkempo


      Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but are you saying it fits like the PB2? (which itself fits like a Jawbone?)

      I've never tried on a PB2 ... :( but I don't want to buy a frame without knowing how it's fits ...

    5. The_Darkone

      The_Darkone Premium Member

      What is it that you like about the Alpha better than the new shock tube? I currently own the Alpha system and have the Shock Tube on order. Just wondering if I will be returning the Shock tube. I was hoping they would give more side protection from light when shooting down range than the Alpha Sytem currently does.

    6. Ventruck


      PB2 feels a bit bigger than a Jawbone, especially because the lower areas of the frame don't flare out. My best correlation I could make is: if a regular fit Jawbone works for you, you might be able to work the Shocktube. AF pads would be needed at most.

      I use AF everything, and the Shocktube just sits fine — so that probably says a lot about how much leeway/clearance other faces can have in comparison. It'd just suck if someone punches me right in the glasses just because of that sharper corner I mentioned.

      Hold at the stems is pretty much on par with the Jawbone. Big help is that the frame is actually pretty rigid to start

      I don't actually own the Alpha, but in respect for peripheral vision and weight, the Shocktube is most likely beat simply because of full frame design. I trust Rustpot's opinion of how good the Alpha is, and I doubt he'd think the same of the Shocktube. I mean it's a full fledged system vs. a standalone pair.

      Light leakage totally depends on user. It's pretty sealed to the same extent as a PB2 in my opinion. Doesn't have the chamfers and flares to create that complete goggle feel as the Jawbone.

      I just don't see a way the Shocktube has an advantage over the Alpha for shooting in the end. It's an alternative at best. It'd be the same vein as picking a Detcord over the Alpha imo. It's really just an option.
      Di245 and The_Darkone like this.

    7. Rustpot


      If someone hooks me up with a pair (even a loaner for 2-3 days) I'll do a full pictorial review and analysis
      Wesleypipesyo likes this.

    8. BigRich


      I like the look of the pair myself. Too bad it's SI, and I can't have it.

      Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk

    9. NoFair


      You can have it, just not at SI pricing ;). If you google it you'll find several options outside of Oakley SI
      thisguy likes this.

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