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Oakley Skull Golf Bag 9.0 white (2015 model)


Oakley Beginner
Hi all,
A few months back I decided to do some browsing on the Japan Oakley website for the first time in a few years and I came across the Oakley Skull Golf Bag 10.0 (2016 models), with more research I came across the 9.0 (2015) which I absolutely love the design of and would love to get my hands on the white version as seen here


If anyone knows anyone with a brand new 9.0 bag they want to sell (there are plenty of 10.0 on ebay, and the last 9.0 bag I could find was sold on ebay in June 2016) or anyone knows how they could source one, please let me know.

I emailed Oakley Japan and got no response and even when you go to the oakley.jp website today it shows that all of their product pages are "under maitanence" has been like this for more than two weeks! So I don't know if they are changing something up in the Japan market or not. (very unusual to leave a website in that state for multiple weeks).

Really hate how Oakley doesn't sell these bags/and other country special products on Oakley.com or even display that they have a design available in other country's etc for their long term dedicated customers to even know about their existence.

Any help would be great!

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Hello everyone, I'm still searching for this model of Golf Bag (9.0 from Japan) if anyone out there know's of one anywhere please let me know (or knows anyone in Japan that may help), I much prefer this design over the past couple of latest releases.

Any help would be great



Pronounced, "Spliced"
Los Angeles, CA
I like the golf bags. I almost bought one, but none of their bags have a 14-way divider, which is a must have feature for me. I agree with you on how it's strange the Japanese market gets the cool golf stuff and we get shafted, especially since they have Bubba Watson on their payroll. You would think they'd want to market their golf items here in the US. I have family in Japan, and they've been able to get some cool stuff for me (Hats, golf ball pouch, gloves, divot tool and markers), but the bags are just too big to ship or even lug over on a plane.

Your best bet is to buy off eBay, but you'd be paying a premium.

The white bags look awesome, but would get dirty fast while walking the greens or even strapping it onto a golf cart or a pull cart.

What do you not like about the 12.0?


Oakley Beginner
Hi SliceD, thanks for the reply! I wasn't aware there was no diver in there, would be able to buy a third party one and fit it in their surely.
Yeah I just like the minimalistic design on this 10.0 bag (love how it shows just the "O" and not Oakley", and the colourway just appeals to me more than their latest releases. Sleek, simple, but dynamic.
I don't like the creamy white on the 12.0 bag along with the platted kind of texture they are using on the sides, looks a bit too plain with just white/red colours..

Here's hoping if they release skull 13.0 bag it's a bit more what I am after. Any idea when they are released, pretty sure it's around this time, dec/jan etc

Yeah I'll keep looking on ebay once in a while, still lots of 11's/12's listed no 10's. I couldn't find any 10's 6months after the release, seemed to be the more popular design etc

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