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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Adzi, 6/12/11.

  1. Adzi


    Just wondering if their are any employees or anyone that knows of any good stores in Aus..?


    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. scottpenrith


    Megan at the Homebush DFO Vault is always a pleasure to see and deal with (In Sydney that is)

  3. ausoakley


    The only good stores are the vault at dfo in Homebush. and o store in Sydney. I personally try to stay away from SGH and just use them as a means to try out new eyewear if I can't get to the o store

  4. jdd32


    If you think SGH is horrible because they sell you display stock when it should be BNIB, you should wait till you try OPSM (aka Lenscrafters for AU)... a new pair means display stock with completely mismatched boxes... you ordered a pair of Fast Jackets? No problem, here take the box and packaging from Dispute because we can't be stuffed to find the original packaging. My response? "WTF?!"

  5. ausoakley


    Never had such an experience with SGH but I just find that o store or vault employees are more helpful with the brand- SGH just want you to buy something doesn't matter what brand you went in looking for. Also they are OPSM here not LensCrafters

  6. jdd32


    Yeh I put in the reference because OPSM in AU = LensCrafters worldwide

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