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Oakley Sunglass Vs Safety Glass

i would say the main difference if going to be the look at probly comfort. with the oakleys it meets ANSI Z87.1 and actually exceeded that. they will give you the same protection and give u better optics. that and most likely your team will love you even more since they can wear there oakleys out too and have a sweet pair of shades too
Is this military related? If so, I'd go with m frames since they are issued by the military sometimes. They for sure are listed on standard issue as meeting those requirements.
Just very easy to change lenses, fairly good design, good if your making multiple purchases
any comment?

Safety glass comparison

No Description Safety Glass Model NTLS 1120 Oakley SunGlasses - Any Polarized Model

1 UV Protection UV A & B protection only. 100% Protection from UV A,B & C
2 Blue Light ray Protection NO YES
3 Glare Protection NO Yes. Glare-free light.
4 Clarity NO YES
5 Impact Protection Stand against up to 150 feet per second Stand against up to 150 feet per second

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