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Oakley Ten Vs Pit Bull


Oakley Beginner
Allentown, PA
This is a thread created to the diferences in the Ten vs Pit Bull.

Just curious to see what you guys thought of them? They look almost identical online to me.

How do they compare in terms of fit?

Which ones are larger?

Anything you want to post that has to do with either model or anything related to the topic on hand is welcome to post. :D

Pictures are welcome as well of course.

Information ladies and gentlemen?
the pit bulls are really sweet. they are totally different then the tens when you see them in person. first the pit bulls have unobtainium on them steams. the bulls are also much wider. the tens are big but more on the side of lenses. side by side they bulls even look better. the lenses look more fitting to the face.
Really? I can't wait to see a pair in person. I own the Ten's I love them. But I want something with the Unobtainium on the steams like my Radars. The Tens seem to slip off my face after hours in the sun and such. (Working on my car outside and such) So I want something that's going to be styled like the Ten's but be slightly tighter on my face like the Radars. I'm hoping the Pit Bull is going to fill the slot.
Ya in my opinion, the pit bull s very aimilar to the monster dog. Ive been told it will eventually replace it.
Thats a shame because unless u have a very large head the Dogs look and feel better in every way...it fits bigger for sure the MD fits inside a Pit Bull for people on the fence but for large enough headed folk they are nice..
Really? Well I have a very large head. I don't think they will be replacing the MDs. They are one of the top selling designs for Oakley at the moment.

But who knows, Oakley always does drastic things. Ever since the 90s when I got my first pair of Oaks. ;)
I'm not SURE, but I've been told by the O Store manager in my area and by several reps via telephone that the Pit Bull will eventually replace the MD. That doesn't mean anytime soon. I mean, the Fuel Cell will eventually replace the Gascan, but the Gascan hasn't been discontinued as of yet.
No I was told by several different people MD's will not last the year...unfortunate but unless theres a surprise groundswell to keep them They are done..local Oak store doesnt even stock them except for black OCP frame anymore