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  1. f5air

    f5air Oakley Beginner

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    hey guys, tried different oakley yesterday. After sold my Xsquared plasma, want something more simple to find, replace and tried the valve, really like them for my big head. I didnt see the switch model on the shop, but i like the option to replace lens on it. Is there a different on size on the fram between 2? looks really similar to me.
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  2. northcub

    northcub Oakley Beginner

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    Tried on the Valve recently, and they fit really well. Kinda like the Fives Squared. It seems as if they are made for wider heads. I ended up buying the Style Switch and I would say they are a tiny bit narrower. They fit more snug on my head. The big thing I have noticed about the Switch is that the lens comes down on my face farther and bumps into the top of my cheeks when I smile (which is all the time when I sport my Oaks!)