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  1. schenk

    schenk Oakley Enthusiast

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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to check if anyone has compared linegear black R1 lenses against OEM oakley.

    I was replacing my lenses and they seem to be different? OEM seems to have a shiny surface vs linegear?

    Is this due to the iridium coating. Just wanted some feedback to confirm im not seeing things lol.
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  2. Dantes

    Dantes Oakley Expert

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    What did you expect? OEM is OEM and Linegear is Linegear. They will be different. That's not saying Linegear lenses are bad, just not like OEM.
  3. jdd32

    jdd32 X Metal Workshop

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    Black mirror coating is not exactly identical across different manufacturers. There's differences in many shades of grey amongst them.