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Oakley Wind Jackets


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After seeing a post on Facebook regarding the Oakley Wind Jackets, I decided to do my usual digging. :D Here's what I came up with. Here is the news from Oakley: http://www.oakley.com/community/posts/2863

From what I can tell these are going to be released in early June 2011!

Heres the description:
Introducing WIND JACKET™, a special rendition of Oakley’s renowned Split Jacket™ sunglass built with snap-in gaskets for a protective seal and added a removable strap for a secure fit. Originally designed with motorcycle riders in mind, the removable gasket minimises air flow across your eyes at high speeds. Complete with SwitchLock™ Technology for quick and easy lens changing, this ?interchangeable lens design is essential gear for any life with high velocity.

Heres some color combos and pictures:

Wind Jacket Matte Black/Warm Grey OO9142-01

Wind Jacket Black Silver Ghost Text/Warm Grey OO9142-02

Wind Jacket Ducati Dark Grey/Warm Grey OO9142-03
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all they are is split jackets with a gasket put on them. heard they might even sell the insert alone for people who have the split jacket and just put them on
Blood is pooling, not pumping. Sorry-if this is the innovation I'm...nevermind-I'm starting to sound like a broken record. I just think the application these are built for is a bit too specialized.
Meh..im not revved up about them..but as a Motorcycle rider i will buy them. Long overdue. The should design more gaskets to fit other glasses. I have all these bad ass oakleys and when i ride i end up with them lame and cheap yellow lens harley dork shades.