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Oakley X-Metal Cube Case

Lucas Key

Oakley Expert
Looking at a cube case on eBay. What is a good price for one? I am new to the case game.
Thanks guys
Prices on cases are all over the place and vary greatly region to region. Some people have gotten that case for $100, some people have gotten it for $300+, and both were happy about the price. What it will come down to is what you feel it's worth vs what someone else thinks it's worth. Since they aren't for sale every day of the week all over the internet the prices aren't easy to pin down like most Oakley frames/accessories. Since they were never intended for the public they never had a MSRP to go off of either.

So bid what you're comfortable with, and nothing more.
$100. Although I have gotten full size single wides for $200-$250 I personally wouldn't spend more than a $100. If you don't live somewhere and have the chance to shop around you may be inclined to pay more. I saw the same thing for over $500. Seriously? For that price it better come with a watch!

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