What is that thing?!
Not sure the last time I posted my collection on here, so here it is as of right now.
84F1C7AD-620D-46C6-87E7-01F1E30960B6_zpsfwohlwba.jpg The new case
975C56DC-CD7A-4A55-9AB4-564D3E91F1E5_zps5xpfr0c6.jpg PB 1, Mars, Polished Juliet, Carbon Juliet
D8B46A75-B643-40BD-B548-93FCE30B38F5_zpsvidy2bmf.jpg OTT, Polished Jury, Jupiter Carbon, Tailend, Original E Wire, 12 Gauge, Transfer Case
Foose FC, Oil Rig, 3 Batwolfs, Fives Squared, Gascan, Dispatch 2, Eyepatch 2
61E2EC6C-A18C-4F5D-9401-5972CAB8558F_zpst7wfcjdh.jpg 2 Racing Jackets, 2 Radarlocks, 2 M Frames, Cav Jawbreaker, Eyeshade, Razorblade, Fast Jacket

73153A4B-2764-4AB1-A824-EDE5039AE972_zpsrq1rnm8u.jpg Funny car, Unknown, Sideways, Nanowire, 2 Holbrooks, Half Jacket.

I probably have more lying around somewhere. It is constantly changing, so it may be a totally different collection next time I post.

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