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He wore both in the doc. '97 championship celebration he was wearing a pair of red sock 4digit R1s (hence the Jordan Romeo). '98 championship celebration, Pip was wearing Gen1 Ti/gold R1s. Jordan wore Leather Mars with Gold (definitely Jordan Mars as he was on the box).

Yeah Rodman was wearing everything from OG Straight Jackets to Racing Jackets, saw an EJ on him at one point. Pretty sure I saw a shot of him with some zeros as well. He seemed to like the Jacket line before he started wearing girl fashion frames. But hey it's Rodman.
Was Pippen wearing Pennys or Romeo's? I couln't tell but they looked awesome.


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Saw the Movie Bacurau last night. Weird movie, nut I like that. :) Westerny/artousy/protesty/horrorish, about a small Brazilian town which is "sold" to a gang of people killing for pleasure.

Three of the 'hunters' are wearing Oakley's: One wears eyeglasses, Jonny Mars wears an XX X-metal on his cap very conspicuously for 90% of his screen time...

bacurau jonny mars.JPG

...and Brian Townes wears a Mars. Udo Kiers - as allways - just wears his Udo Kiers face. :cool-33:

p.s.: they're even mentioned in the credits, so they're not "Brazilian X-Metals":-D

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Called the real Captain America. This decorated Green Beret that survived through many deployments in Afghanistan has taken his own life. The latest of 30 from his battalion. I'll never understand the hell those that serve can go through. But this should not be happening.

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