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Oakleys, More Than Just Sunglasses


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It’s weird how some things have the ability to take you back to a time in your life that you cherish. For me, it’s Oakleys, always has been and always will be. My first pair of Oakleys were a Pearl White set of Minutes with Black Iridium Lenses. Unfortunately I gave them to a high school girlfriend and never saw them again. Anyhow, I quickly acquired a Blue M Frame with Vented Fire Iridium Sweep lenses for my high school baseball career and really fell in love. I fell in love with baseball, with my new high school girlfriend who is now my wife, and finally fell in love with Oakley. Mind you this was the time of Jim Jannard and true innovation. Many more M Frames came, Juliets came, Thumps came, Fives came, backpacks, watches, and hats all came and went. Fast forward 16 years, and the three things that I equate with the best time in my life still hold true. My wife, my great memories of high school baseball, and my M Frame collection. Every time I put those glasses on it almost as if I’m transported back to those magical times from days gone by. You see friends, for me Oakleys are more than mere sunglasses, they are a part of my life past, present and future.

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