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Oakley's Spotted In Movies.


Resident Troublemaker
Vancouver, BC
I was watching The A-Team movie again the other day, and noticed that one of the "bad guys" was wearing a pair of Brushed/Chrome Iridium Inmates! I have never seen this combo, so it got me thinking. I thought we could do a version of Mr.Skin...but for Oakley's!
I know, I know, how sick is this addiction getting! However, I did think it would be funny to post the idea :laugh:
Please feel free to chime in with your list!

I've got the obvious few to start out with...
  1. M.I.
  2. Blade
  3. Book of Eli
  4. X-Men
  5. A-Team
Let try to find some reel obscure ones!
yeah the OR had a whole list of the appearances of Oakleys in movies. my contribution? Black Hawk Down..Eric Bana and his X Metal/Ruby Juliets. sweet!
Oh I also remember when I was in San Francisco a few years ago, I got a free GI Joe poster from the Oakley Store of Sienna Miller, in her custom Nanowires!

And don't forget Christian Bale and his SI Boots in Terminator Salvation...