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  1. NW Oakley Fan

    NW Oakley Fan Oakley Beginner

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    Is everything purchased on the site an MPH? I was interested in getting a watch but if i'm spending 300 plus dollars on it I want it to be a non-MPH one. Do they do that to watches? Thanks.
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  2. Thermonuclear

    Thermonuclear Oakley Enthusiast

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    Not everything on the site is MPH, for eyewear you'll see that most of them are discontinued styles/color combos that they are moving out of the O-stores. I have never seen them do it on watches, from what I heard, MPH stands for "Mr. Potato Head" (awesome) as they are mixing and matching leftover parts for eyeweaer styles to create full pairs. That's why most MPH combos you see are different that the stock models that came out during their original release. The watches on Oakleyvault.com look like the original combos, so looks like no MPH styles there! Hope that helps!
  3. del518

    del518 I have a few pair.....

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    MPH sunglasses start with a SKU of '30'. I am not sure about the watches thou.