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Oakley Beginner
How exactly is the OCP on the Frog's going to work (if anyone knows)? Will it be online like the other 20+ models on there, or will it be instore only like the Holbrook? And I am having nightmares that were are going to get a matte black, polished black, white, and clear frame colors and grey, black iridium, and bronze lenses. I hope they don't do this thing half assed, because I'm sure we are all mouthwatering over it. If they let you pick frame, lens, AND arm colors, and have a vast selection of colors in all, I think we will all be picking up a handful.

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I don't know what it will be but I would imagine it to be pick the frame, stem, and lens combination you want based on the colour options available from the current models they are producing (i.e. Blacklight range, Matte Black, Crystal Black, Polished Black, Polished White, Polished Rootbeer and Clear frames and stems, and the current lens options). That would make sense to me because they have all that stuff available, we can just decide what combo to put together. If you could get lens etching on top fantastic, if you could choose the colour of the logo on the stems great (most of the other models have interchangeable icons but that just isn't possible of the Frogskins so this is a long shot).

I hope, really hope, the frame and stem colour options are much more than those they currently produce though.

I imagine it's going to be in store only with the frame and lens options being from the recent re-release pairs. There definitely won't be any blacklight frame options. If anything they will be special holiday edition colors.

Honestly I wasn't a fan of the Blacklight colors, so I hope none are included. If they just had like 5-7 regular colors for frames, 5-7 regular colors for arms, and then Black Iridium, Fire/Ruby, 24K, Blue, and +Red, I would be overjoyed. Actually as long as they have red and blue as color options, and Blue and +Red lenses, I will be happy!

So I just called Oakley to see if I could find out any info on these, tried to play it cool by not asking if they were coming out, but if they would be out before xmas. Broakley on the line says there is no plan for any sort of custom frogs. I wish they would just tell us instead of holding out. This could take care of a few people on my xmas list that I have to buy for, and I could go pick out a ton of options and send out a list for them to get me so that everyone goes home happy.

so does it mean it's a No-Go for the OCP Frogs? or is it gonna be like Goldbrooks, where no one (frontline staff that is) knew they were even being produced.

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