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OF Custom of the Month NOVEMBER 2021

Custom of the Month November 2021 Poll

  • @Tidezealot 's Hydro Dipped Antix - Work performed by @Tidezealot

  • @SouLFuLFroG 's Gold Plated Racing Jacket - Work performed by some other dude and not @soulfulfrog

  • @Wavecloud’s Customisation 's Snakeskin Wrapped M Frame - Work performed by @Wavecloud’s Customisati

  • @Matt Flacche 's Distressed American Flag Monster Dog - Work performed by @zwc0442

  • @scrodo 's Custom Valve 1.0 with Fire - Work performed by @zwc0442

  • @zwc0442 's Gold Crackle OTT - Work performed by @zwc0442

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Oakley Expert
Round Rock, Tx
I've entered other artist's creations in the past, so at extreme peril, I'll put up something that I did, with a lot of coaching from @Rick58 and @SouLFuLFroG

It would never have been possible without their knowledge and encouragement.

I did this hydrodipped Antix with OEM Gold Iridium and distressed Gold icons for my brother @Inkkoonce

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Ok love the fact that it's an Antix. Don't see too many of these coming out for customs . Killer job