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OF Custom of the Month SEPTEMBER 2021 - Congrats @Solomon_Denali!

Custom of the Month Entries

  • Distressed white/gold/black Holebrook - @TNRedbeard

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Back by popular demand and starting in September, the OF Custom of the Month Contest will be returning. This thread will be unlocked in the beginning of September for the first 10 members to claim their spots.

I will be continuing what @SiRacer420 started. The rules will be the same as they were, except, you will get a COTM Elite Display coin (shown below) plus one random Oakley related mystery gift provided by myself.


Please familiarize yourself with the rules here:

Post your pictures or just claim a spot.

Remember that non premium members can only edit their posts for a limited time

First 10 to claim a spot are in. Just post your pictures if you have them ready. Voting starts when all 10 entries are up.

ONE picture of each entry will be posted below. Please look through all of the pictures throughout the rest of the thread before you cast your vote!


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