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I am Jim Jannard...
Oahu, Hawaii
So here is my little get away. My home Office Man Cave. I am a HUGE Steelers, USC and Oakley fan. I have 1,000's of autographed items. I have been very lucky in the business I am in to be able to meet Sports and Entertainment Stars. I am the Creative Director for a company that does Events and all other graphic related material. Anyway I have all I need here. Mac G5, Duel Monitors, LED TV, Blu ray, Oakleys and Steelers, SC gear all around me. What more can I ask for. I also wired a BOSE Home theater with 5 speakers and a sub. I have the BIG home theater in the living room but this one works when I have work to do.

Man Cave pictures by brettc10 - Photobucket
Go Steelers!!! You just need to make the lightning brighter then you can wear your Oakleys while watching the games ;)