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Official Douche Day 2015 Selfie Thread


Font of Useless Knowledge
Austin, TX
Kronin was the douche king on 2015
He should carry the torch



The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler
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The Castle
I don't agree with that.

I could entertain the argument that it was all Page and Plant, but one of the things about LZ they didn't just cut a track then repeat it ad nauseam. They constantly ad-libbed during their performances, the songs constantly evolving, and the studio cuts tended to be whatever form the song happened to be in at the time. That was a defining characteristic of the band, and the creative ad-libbing took the effort of all four members.

Just watch the movie The Song Remains The Same (ironically titled considering what I'm talking about) and compare the performances in that to the studio cuts, to see what I mean...

But anyway...
Yeah. How's your nipples?

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