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Official Fakes/Possible Fakes Apparel, Accessories and Goggles Inquiry Thread (ARE THESE FAKE? POST FAKES HERE)

they look good to me, consistent with Oakley's designs of that time, I actually think they are really nice. However the no tags is a little questionable I agree, and weird the photos are taken at a distance? I’d probably want to see the logos closer up if I was buying also can’t really tell if there are and stains or holes from those pictures! Ask more a couple closer up photos if your thinking of buying them! They seem well priced in comparison to the UK market these would be listed for £150 each. Note- the only thing I cant be sure of is the logos on the back I have not seen them before so wouldn't be 100% sure on authenticity.
Appreciate the response, heres a picture I was sent of the tags.



@neutrino the faded label looked good, indicates age as the fade with each wash. Although I don’t have them in my hands which is the main thing for me so I can have good look I’m going to say real if they were in U.K. I would buy.
Sorry if I ask a bit often here because I'm still new to Oakley stuff. I want to ask, is this original or fake?


@neutrino came across this tshirt and has the same logo on the back by the looks of it, think it’s very late 90’s maybe creeping into 2000’s!
Hi all, don’t know much about the oakley bags but can anyone confirm the legitimacy of this. Apparently a Y2K bag. Thanks





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