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  1. pricedollaz

    pricedollaz Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Official Master Microbag List
    Created By Steven C. Price
    29 October 2015
    Instagram: @pricedollaz

    The A = Front/B= Back (In photos) All info is not 100%.. if you find a discrepancy, Direct message me so I can fix the problem. If any bags are missing that you have please take a HI-RES picture Front and back along with SKU or Frame that it went with, Event bags please write a description of the event.

    For updates and pictures Direct Message me for my e-mail.

    To find more of the frames that go with microbag: Go to O-review.com ---> Type the SKU in the search ---> click on either Signature Link or Collection Link to view everything in that series.


    Oakley Master Microbag Listing Photos:

    What Is This Micro Bag Discussion Thread

    **Microbags In Database**
    5th Annual New Mexico Bowl 2010 Athlete Bag
    10th Mountain Division Signature Series 24-050
    Acid Collection 24-356
    Acid Tortoise Collection 24-309
    Adriano De Souza Signature Series Big Taco OO9173-08
    Ai Miyazato Signature Series Japan Exclusive OO9162-10
    Airbrake Factory Pilot Session 1242 59-480
    Alinghi Signature Series OO9096-42
    All Star Game Signature Series 2010
    All Star Game Signature Series 2011 201-617-001
    All Star Game Signature Series 2012 24-340
    All Star Game Signature Series 2013
    All Star Game Signature Series 2015 OO9096-D5
    Aquatique Collection 24-361
    Art Chantry Artist Series 12-771
    Artist Sketch Fast Jacket - Jawbone Series
    Augies Quest Signature Series 24-053
    B-1B Frogskins (back)
    B-1B Frogskins Empire CULT (back)
    B-1B Grab Bag (back)
    Banana Beats Frogskins (back)
    Barneys Army - John Smit World XV vs The Sharks Event 2012
    Batwolf OO9101-01
    BBVA Compass Bowl 2011 Athlete Bag
    Beams Japan Exclusive 24-259
    Beams Signature Series Pilgrim Surf and Supply Exclusive OO9013-02
    Beauty & Youth United Arrows x Oakley
    Beef O Brady Bowl 2011 Athlete Bag
    Beyond Reason Garage Rock (back)
    Big Bass Tour South Carolina Event 2012
    Black Plaid 24-131
    Blacklight Collection 24-284
    Block It 100-357-001
    Blue Plaid Lenscrafters Rx Exclusive
    BMX Chrome Jawbone 24-218
    Bob Burnquist Signature Series OO9096-51
    Bob Burnquist Signature Series OO9194-13
    Brown Camo SGH Exclusive
    Brown Vintage Retail
    Bruce Irons Collection OO9090-08
    Bubba Watson Promo (back)
    Burnquists Earthday Organic Jam 2009
    C100 Artist Series 12-759
    C100 Artist Series 24-141
    CA State 101-525-001
    Caia Koopman Signature Series 24-048
    Caia Koopman Signature Series OO9092-07
    Caia Koopman Signature Series OO9124-18
    Caia Koopman Signature Series OO9169-08
    Caia Koopman Signature Series Stockholm OO7012-01
    California Highway Patrol Fallen Heroes Memorial Golf Tournament
    Camouflage 100-360-001
    Canada Olympics 2010
    Cancer Awareness Collection 24-167
    Canopy Factory Fear Light 59-135J
    Canteen SGH Exclusive OO9225-02
    Cape Epic Signature Series 10 Years ABSA OO9171-14
    Carbon Fiber 100-972-001
    Cavandish Signature Series OO9181-35
    Cavandish Signature Series OO9290-10
    Chaleco Lopez Signature Series
    Champ Camp 2010 - Elite Lacrosse camp
    Concept Studio 2014 Project 453 Bazzoka Frogskins (back)
    Craftsman Collection Skatedeck 24-375
    Craftsman Collection Snowdeck Orange Unreleased
    Craftsman Collection Surfdeck OO9175-26
    Daeho Lee Signature Series 09-754J
    Danny Kass Crowbar Grunge 57-064
    Danny Kass Crowbar Military Rain - 02-874
    Danny Kass Signature Series 24-338
    Danny Kass Signature Series Canopy 59-247J
    Danny Kass Signature Series Canopy 59-463
    Dark Rust 101-540-001
    Daves Quality Meat DQM Signature Series Frogskins
    David Flores Artist Series 12-748
    Deuce Coupe Signature Series OO9102-25
    Devils Brigade Signature Series 24-173
    Disruptive By Design 30th Anniversary Celebration 2014 Event with Eyeshades
    Disruptive by Design Promo 2014
    Distressed Blue 24-382
    Don Pendleton Artist Series OO9096-24
    Dr. Pepper Promo Bag (front) - Need more info
    Drako Ops Camo 101-535-001
    Ducati Signature Series 12-744
    Ducati Signature Series OO4057-08
    Eastern Border Frogskins (front)
    Eastern Border N3L Frogskins (back)
    Last edited: 1/24/16
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. pricedollaz

    pricedollaz Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Trophy Points:
    Echelon Signature Series Jawbone SOLFX 24-281
    Eero Ettala Signature Series Splice
    Elevate YSC LT Breast Cancer Collection 57-823
    Elite Signature Series Pitboss C Six OO4047-01
    Eric Koston Camo Collection 24-436
    Eric Koston EK Collection Brown Tortoise 24-317
    Eric Koston EK Collection Unreleased Motion Silver - Chrome 24-384
    Eric Koston EK Collection Woodgrain 24-142
    Eric Koston In Residence Los Angeles
    Eric Koston x Oakley Craftsman Series Frogskins
    Ernesto Fonseca Signature Series 24-163
    Ernesto Fonseca Signature Series OO9150-12
    Eyeshades Limited Releases
    F150 Raptor SVT
    Factor Black 06-732
    Factory Pilot Lime 100-825-001
    Factory Pilot RWB 100-824-001
    Fallout Collection OO9199-13
    Family Member 10th Anniversary O-Review 2014
    Fathom Series Collection OO9175-14
    Ferrari Signature Series OO9174-06
    Fice x Oakley Frogskins
    FIVE Convention (back)
    Flag Argentina 81-430
    Flag Austria 100-789-016
    Flag China 100-789-017
    Flag England 100-789-001
    Flag France 100-789-011
    Flag Germany 100-789-012
    Flag Hawaii Holbrook Collection
    Flag Hungary 81-440
    Flag Ireland 100-789-004
    Flag Japan 100-789-005
    Flag Japan 100-789-005
    Flag New Zealand 100-789-009
    Flag SI Collection Subdued USA
    Flag South Africa 100-789-024
    Flag Sweden 100-789-013
    Flag Switzerland 100-789-007
    Flag Texas 100-841-001
    Flag United Arab Emirates 100-789-026
    Flag United Kingdom 100-789-008
    Flag USA 100-288-001
    Fluid Blue 100-047-001
    Flying Tigers Collection 12-782
    Flying Tigers Collection 12-784
    Foose Design Signature Series 12-774
    Foose Design Signature Series 24-174
    Foose Design Signature Series OO9096-66
    Frank Kozik Artist Series 12-798
    Fuel Cell Canvas Edition OO9096-23
    Fuente Signature Series 24-092
    Gator Bowl 2011 Athlete Bag
    Gentei Frogskins
    Global Signature Series 24-028
    Global Signature Series OO9096-08
    GP75 Collection Frogskins 24-335
    GP75 Collection OO9150-16
    Green Retail 100-525-001
    Green Watercolor womens 100-250-001
    Grenade Signature Series 24-164
    Grenade Signature Series 24-240
    Gretchen Beiler Beckon OO9125-16
    Gretchen Bleiler Correspondent OO9094-12
    Gretchen Bleiler Ravishing 12-797
    Gretchen Bleiler Signature Series 05-720
    Gretchen Bleiler Signature Series Camo A-Frame 2.0 59-559
    Guadalajara 2011 Panamerican Games Edition with Flak Jacket
    Hawaii ACC 100-977-001
    Hawaii Frogskins 24-407
    Hawaii Retail ACC 100-294-001
    Heaven & Hell Collection OO9102-28
    Herbalife Promo - Need more info
    Heritage 30 Years Of Sports Collection OO9140-16
    Ian Poulter Signature Series 24-030
    Ichiro Suzuki Signature Series 24-292
    Ichiro Suzuki Signature Series 24-332
    Image2 A - info needed
    IMG_0162 A - info needed
    IMG_2979 - info needed
    IMG_8941 - info needed
    In Residence London Event 2015
    In Residence Los Angeles Event 2015
    Industrial Rust 100-842-001
    Infinite Hero 15 Camo 101-267-001
    Infinite Hero Signature Series 24-308
    Infinite Hero Signature Series Camo 24-430
    ING New York City Marathon 2010
    James Stewart Signature Series 24-029
    Jamiroquai Signature Series Split Thump
    Jazz Signature Edition Dangerous - 05-338
    Jewel Collection OO4061-15
    Jordy Smith Signature Series OO9135-10
    Juan Pablo Montoya JPM Gascan 12-796
    Julian David Signature Series Colette Exclusive Frogskins
    Julian Wilson Signature Series OO9102-26
    Julian Wilson Signature Series OO9199-14
    Jupiter Camo Collection OO9096-41
    Kate Voegele Signature Series OO9125-15
    Kazu Kokubo Signature Series Crowbar 59-310
    Kazu Signature Series 24-336
    Kevin Van Dam 81-419
    Kings Camo Signature Series 03-483
    Kings Camo Signature Series Straight Jacket II on Bottom 24-156
    Kolohe Andino Garage Rock OO9175-13
    Konica Minolta Gator Bowl 2010 Athlete Bag
    KRoc 94 Signature Series Airbrake MX OO7046-30
    KTM Signature Series 24-400 Gascan
    Las Vegas Signature Series 100-801-001
    Latch Special Edition GWP 2015 101-825-001
    Letter Press 100-048-001
    Lil Jon Signature Series 12-760
    Lin Dan Signature Series OO9256-09
    Lindsey Vonn Signature Series A-Frame 2.0 69-662
    Livestrong Foundation Signature Series OO9096-20
    Locog Signature Series OO9096-59
    London Collection 2012 Athlete Bag Came with Radar Path
    London Collection 2012 OO9096-58
    London Police Artist Series 12-785
    London Police Collection Goggle Crowbar
    Lowers Pro 2015 Lower Trestles -San Clemente - California Event
    Mambo Artist Series 24-171
    Maoli Kingdom Of Hawii OO9096-68
    Masters Event 2014
    Masters Event 2015
    Matco Tools Hijinx
    Max Fear Light Collection 201-631-001
    Mens Health URBANATHLON 2014
    Mercedes-Benz BIOME 2010 Event
    MLB - Los Angeles Angels Black 100-419-001
    MLB - New York Yankees Black 100-422-001
    MLB - Texas Rangers 100-421-001
    Moto Collection OO9013-38
    MotoGP Signature Series OO4061-13
    Multistripe 06-750
    Museum Grip 101-538-001
    Museum Vision 101-539-001
    NaomiSOUTH Artist Series 24-000 - Eternal Frame
    NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals Bristol Dragway 2015 M3 Bag
    Nicky Hayden Signature Series 24-045
    Nitraid x Oakley Frogskins
    NOS Energy Drink Promo
    NYC Liberty 100-979-001
    NYC Retail 100-295-001
    O Store Goggle Snowman 06-775
    Oakley Convention 2013 (back)
    Oakley Forum.com Giveway 2013
    Oakley Red Devils Brigade Special Edition
    Oakley Shades Retail 100-248-001
    OCP Custom 205-881-001
    Olympic Collection Old Glory Frogskins 2012 24-318
    Olympic Collection Team GB 24-321
    Olympic Collection Union Jack Frogskins 2012 24-314
    Olympic Collection USOT 24-302
    Olympic Collection USOT Crowbar 59-282
    One Sight Lencrafters Exclusive 24-290
    One SIght South African Workshop 2010 (back)
    O-Review 2014 Red
    Osheaga 2013 Event With Garage Rock
    Osheaga 2014 Event With Frogskins LX
    Last edited: 1/25/16
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  3. pricedollaz

    pricedollaz Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Trophy Points:
    Osheaga 2015 Event With Sliver
    Picture 20 - Need info
    Picture 21 - Need info
    Picture 22 - Need info
    Pink - Vintage
    Pink Watercolor Womens 100-249-001
    Pipe Dreams Surf Co Hawaii Exclusive
    Plaid 100-044-001
    pool Aoyama Frogskins (back)
    Presidents Club 2014 Grand Cayman Meeting
    Prizm Lens Release Event 2014
    Propoganda Signature Series 24-091
    Radar XL Blades Anti-Freeze 24-148
    Red Rust 101-541-001
    Red Shift Line Collection 12-777
    Retro Groove 06-731
    Revant Optics
    Rio Olympics 2016 OO9262-24
    Riverted 101-537-001
    RL Carries New Orleans Bowl 2014 Athlete Bag
    Robert Pimple Artist Series 24-040
    Robert Williams Artist Series OO9090-17
    Rock The Frogskins Pacific Blue 100-358-001
    Rolling O Lab First Release
    Rolling O Lab Exclusive
    Rose Bowl Game 2008 Athlete Bag with Bruce Irons Hijinx
    Ryan Sheckler Signature Series 05-994
    Ryan Sheckler Signature Series OO9175-25
    Sang Moon Bae Golf Edition White 24-431J
    Schematic 101-542-001
    Science Holiday Collection OO9096-26
    Sean Pettit Signature Series OO7045-02
    Sebastian Loeb Signature Series 24-090
    Seth Morrison Signature Series Airbrake 59-309
    Seth Morrison Signature Series Crowbar 01-801
    Seth Morrison VOD Signature Series Crowbar OO7005N-07
    Shaun White Signature Series 24-186
    Shaun White Signature Series A Frame 02-867
    Shaun White Signature Series A-Frame 2.0 59-650
    Shaun White Signature Series Air Brake Block Stipes 59-220
    Shaun White Signature Series Gold Collection OO9102-20
    Shaun White Signature Series OO9102-08
    Sheraton Hawaii Bowl 2008 Athlete Bag with White Hijinx
    Sherbert Collection OO9125-08 White
    Sherbert Collection OO9125-09 Pink
    SI Collection Multicam A 101-343-001
    SI Signature Series 75Th Ranger Regiment Fuel Cell OO9096-D4
    SI Signature Series American Heritage Collection OO9239-16
    SI Signature Series Daniel Defense OO9096-G4
    SI Signature Series Det Cord Dagger OO9253-03
    SI Signature Series Elite Camo Collection OO9101-39
    SI Signature Series Global War On Terrorism Collection OO9014-01
    SI Signature Series POW-MIA Collection OO9096-75
    SI Signature Series Special Boat Service SBS
    SI Signature Series Ultrablend Collection OO9096-A2
    SI Signature Series Ultrablend Collection OO9096-A3
    SI Soft Touch Collection OO9096-E1 A
    Simon Dumont Signature Series SPLICE 59-240
    Snowflake Collection OO9179-20
    So Strappy Hibiscus 100-362-001
    So Strappy Turquoise 100-361-001
    Sold Out Signature Series 24-206
    South African Rugby Union Antix - Bulls (front)
    South African Rugby Union Antix - Cheetahs (front)
    South African Rugby Union Antix - Sharks (front)
    South African Rugby Union Antix - Springbok (front)
    South African Rugby Union Antix - Stormers (front)
    South African Rugby Union Antix (back)
    Spin 06-736
    St. Patricks Day Green Gift Exclusive Frogskins
    Stanley Donwood Artist Series 24-172
    Staple Design Ptolemy Pattern Frogskins 2014
    Staple Design Signature Series OO9102-09
    Stephen Murray Signature Series 24-027
    Stretchline Collection 03-534
    Stumped Rasta 100-827-001
    Stussy Buffalo Soliders 24-235
    Sulphur Jupiter 06-745
    Summit Collection 24-343
    Sunday BMX Signature Series 24-246
    Sunglass Hut Exclusive
    Surf City USA Half Marathon Event Bag
    Surf Collection OO9013-45
    Surf Drive n Ski Jetty Surf Edition 24-243
    Surfshop Challenge 2012 Athelete Bag and Frame
    Surfshop Challenge 2014 Event Bag
    TACA Signature Series OO9096-11
    Tanner Hall Signature Series Crowbar 59-248
    TCS New York City Marathon 2014 GWP
    Terje Haarkonsen Signature Series Splice 57-070
    The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Signature Series OO9143-07
    Todd Francis Artist Series 12-773
    Tone It Up Collection OO4062-13
    Torstein Horgmo Signature Series Canopy 59-251J
    Tour de France Signature Series OO9096-70
    Tour de France Signature Series OO9263-16
    Tour de France Signature Series OO9181-18
    Tour de France Signature Series OO9259-04
    T-Pain Signature Series 03-462
    Transformers Signature Series OO9143-04
    Travel Retail Signature Series OO9096-52
    Tron Legacy Signature Series OO9143-03
    Troy Lee Designs Signature Series 24-003
    Troy Lee Designs Signature Series 24-232
    Troy Lee Designs Signature Series OO9096-25
    Troy Lee Designs Signature Series OO9096-56
    Troy Lee Designs Signature Series OO9136-15
    Troy Lee Designs Signature Series OO9136-16
    Troy Lee Designs Signature Series OO9171-22
    Troy Lee Designs Signature Series Eye Patch 2 Black Iridium Polarized OO9136-16
    Troy Lee Jupiter Squared Signature Series OO9135-16
    Urban Camo 06-735
    USC Trojan Signature Series OO9096-33
    Valentine Reprint Edition
    Valentino Rossi VR46 Collection OO9102-21
    VanNess Wu Signature Series Frogskins
    Vintage 1
    Vintage 2
    Vintage 3
    Violet Haze Collection OO4101-07
    W90A1636 - Need Info
    Wally Lopez Signature Series OO9175-18
    White Camo SGH Exclusive
    Womens Black
    Womens White 82-139
    WhoIsThisKid Artist Series 24-771
    Will Barras Artist Series 24-049
    World Pro Junior Bali Event 2012
    Worldwide Sales Meeting 2009
    Yuvraj Singh Signature Series OO4057-15
    Zanni Custom
    Last edited: 1/25/16
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  4. pricedollaz

    pricedollaz Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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  5. pricedollaz

    pricedollaz Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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  6. dingo ate my baby

    dingo ate my baby Xmetal 死神

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    Man those are some sweet bags. This going to be a bag ass list ;)thanks to you!
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  7. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Wow. :shock:

    Damn dude. That's a lot of work. :hi:

    Hats off to you for all that effort
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  8. Dyeraudio

    Dyeraudio Juliet Enthusiast

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    Great stuff Steve! Appreciate your hard work/research!
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  9. pricedollaz

    pricedollaz Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Thank you all, now send me your bag photos to make it a complete list ❤️
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  10. mercbezerk

    mercbezerk Unicorn Chaser Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Fantastic effort! I have a couple more that I can send through as soon as I get back on terrafirma.
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