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  1. Dave Kenyon

    Dave Kenyon Oakley Beginner

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    Quick question for anyone in the know.

    I have a lovely pair of Oakley Crosshair w/ Titanium Iridium lenses

    I've been told they are considered the 2012 version ... i.e. not V 1.0 nor V 2.0

    Does anyone know if the lenses are the same as V 1.0 ?

    I'd like to purchase a sick pair of the Fire Red Iridiums or some such and can only find these lenses in version 1.0 ... Help
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  2. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    :welcome:to the forum
  3. Oakley-G37

    Oakley-G37 Oakley Beginner

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    For lenses all three of the ones you mentioned looks like they have different lens shapes. The v.1 looks more angled towards the bridge, while the 2012's have a more aviator style IMO.
  4. NMOne

    NMOne Oakley Beginner

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    Call Customer Service with your frame SKU. They can tell you what lenses are available.