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Ok Need Help With 24K XXs


Oakley Expert
Hey there guys I just got a new pair of 24k XX X Metals in today and they look funny to me, non serial! Let me know what yall think are they real? I got a good deal on these, no box or coin but just not sure. All the signs are there the weight is right and the feel but the color around the eye orbitals is darker than my other pairs, HMMM!



Everything looks good from the pix. Some of the last run of XX 24k's didn't have serials. Especially the ones that came in the newer box. Now the only question I have is does the orbitals look more on the plasma side with a smoother finish? Or do they feel like the x metal fnish with a lighter color. This will tell me if they are old or new stock....
Looks just like mine same coloration ,,mine is smooth to the touch.
Mine also came with no serial although i got the box ,coin and so on.

Will recive a brand new pair of XX Ti02 tomorrow ,,will be exiting to see if these have a serial ..
the 2nd release of the XX 24k didn't get serialized. it came with the SKU instead, where the serial should have been.