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I've never noticed that. If that's really true, i'm in the top 30 :drinks:


I stopped for a long time because this forum had me spending way too much money. Then Oakley's new designs started to suck, which turned me off big time. I would pop in every now and then just to see what was up. Noticed a lot of people had fallen off over the years.

I just recently came back to start unloading stuff. While doing so, the bug bit again and i've picked up a few items. Still trying to unload about 20 frames i just don't care for anymore.

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Since we do speak of the very beginning, where do you early birds found out about the forum? I personally found OF accidentally while searching for Juliet tune ups.
I was out looking for love in all the wrong places and stumbled upon this place several years ago. The rest is history as we say and the investment has been substantial

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