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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by rustypixel, 7/10/11.

  1. rustypixel


    I'm on the hunt for a new pair of glasses and I've never owned Oakleys. I've been looking at a few here and there when I hit the local stores, but I can't seem to find
    anything that suits me. I have a round face and would like something along the lines of Maui Jim Akoni (the other ones I'm thinking about). I can't stand glasses are
    that are too small looking for my face and I'm not a fan of the wrap-around style. I recently tried on Maui Jim's Akoni and I really like their size and the way they
    look, so if anyone here familiar with that style and can recommend Oakleys that are similar, I'd appreciate it. I've owned Ray Bans and Maui Jim since I can
    remember and I'd really like to try a pair of Oakleys.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. rustypixel


    Thanks for the suggestion. I tried on a pair but the lenses were bigger than I like. I was hoping to get a chance to try on the C wire, but they had none in stock.

  3. yoshi1984


    Have you taken a look at the oakley crosshair 2.0? they are smaller than the original crosshair's, and have that classic aviator look to them, you might like them.

  4. slvrdragn69


    I think I would have to go with yoshi on this one. The Akoni has a very unique twist on the aviator look though so you may still end up with it. The crosshair is absolutely a great glass though. I can't keep the things on my shelves at my store because of how well they fit nearly everyone. Good luck though on your first Oakley!

  5. rustypixel


    OK, so I went to a local place and checked out their selection and tried on the Crosshair and while they're nice, they seemed a bit small-ish for my face. I did get a chance to try the C Wire and I think that's what I'm going to go with. The person at the store told me they are available directly from Oakley with the fire lens and that's what I plan to get. And, only cause I couldn't make up my mind, I got a pair of MJ Akoni as well.

    Thanks to all for their suggestions.

  6. slvrdragn69


    not to shoot you down or anything but I have never heard nor seen anything about a fire lens in the new c-wire. It isn't even something that you can customize through Oakley. The closest thing they had for a while was the +red polarized and I think that that has gone away already. If you get the fire lens in them please do tell how you managed because that is something I would be interested in as well.

  7. FrogTastic


    Try Frogskins - Big, Awesome and Awesome again!

  8. rustypixel


    I think I might have used the wrong color term. I meant the red lens. As a matter of fact, I have it written down here... "pewter frames red iridium polarized lenses" The person at the store that I would have to go through Oakley's site. Sorry for any confusion.


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