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  1. DKO

    DKO Oakley Enthusiast

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    I just bought a pair of Prizm Daily Shiny Black Mainlinks (with swapped Asian Fit Triggerman nosepads) that fit my face well. I want to buy a more casual looking pair of Mainlinks for everyday all purpose beaters. (ie. grocery shopping, errands, dog walking in the park, etc)
    I'm deciding between the grey woodgrain vs. matte tortoise Mainlinks. And will swap out lenses for tungsten iridium polarized as they are my fav. all purpose lens.
    I have no experience with either type of frame finish.
    Woodgrain sounds cool, like Hawaii surf style, but I know its not really wood. I read in other threads it can feel too fake with no wood texture. Does the finish chip off like paint?
    Tortoise also sounds cool, but matte tortoise worries me because most matte translucent O-Matter frames look cheap and rubbery to me, like the Sepia Mainlinks or Grey Smoke Asian Fit Valves. I would prefer a shiny more retro beach looking tortoise, but only comes in matte tortoise.
    Of these two frame colors with Tungsten lenses. Which do you recommend, for a casual everyday beater, kind of a SoCal shorts and tshirt style?
    Here in Bangkok, the O Stores don't have either frame color for me to try on. I would buy online and ship to US to pick up later.
    Thanks for your opinions
    Last edited: 6/3/16
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  2. Oak Heel

    Oak Heel Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Hey bro I am biased, but I vote for the woodgrain.

    To answer your questions, the texture seems quite unique compared to some of my other o-matter frames. It has a bit of a rougher texture in comparison, reminiscent of cerakote. Not exactly like real wood, but still awesome.

    Secondly, no problems with chipping or flaking and I've worn them a lot since I bought them a few months ago. I just clean the frames and lenses thoroughly after every wear.

    Also, it's good for casual wear and I love it with Tungsten IP. Here's a few quick pics of my woodgrain canteens with the tungsten lenses. Hope this helps!

    Opinions on grey Woodgrain vs. Matte Tortoise for casual everyday wear - image.jpg

    Opinions on grey Woodgrain vs. Matte Tortoise for casual everyday wear - image.jpg
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