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  1. irmorrison

    irmorrison Guest

    Hi I'm new.
    I am a policeman in the Midwest and I usually wear my straight jackets with black iridium polarized lenses. However, at dawn / dusk, or overcast conditions, they have a tendency to be too dark. I am primarily concerned with eye protection.

    #1 - Is there a benefit to wearing Polarized lenses in overcast conditions? What if it's raining? Is it even necessary in either of those conditions?
    #2 - How do the bronze polarized lenses compare to the VR28 polarized? How about the VR28 BIRpolarized?
    #3 - Any pointers anyone? I have the new Straight Jackets and the Tens.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. doowutchyalike

    doowutchyalike Oakley Enthusiast

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    For overcast days I like to wear G30 or Amber, but the amber is hard to find nowadays. Polarized lenses do not protect your eyes anymore than non polarized, but on rainy/snowy daysn (since you're in MI), I would recommend polarized because it will block glare from the water/snow. Especially if it rains/snows and then the sun comes out.
    I think the bronze and the VR28 are fairly similar in light transmission. If you go to the Oakley website, pick any style/frame, go below the pic and there is a tab for lens tints, check that out.
  3. Herbsley

    Herbsley Royal Duke of Hijinx

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    Thinking of my current pairs, I would have to say from the options you have presented I would choose the VR28 Polarised over the Bronze Polarised.

    Having said that, my own personal "overcast lenses" are Grey, Amber Black Iridium Polarised, and now my Titanium Clear Monster Dogs.

    I agree with the post above, in that ideally you want a contrast lens in those conditions.
  4. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    irmorrison- Where in Michigan are you?

    I don't see a need for polarized on overcast days. The real killer is like doowutchyalike said - when there's a snow base, or the roads are wet after rain or melting snow and the sun is out. The sun reflecting off of snow and wet roads is a definite need for polarized lenses. I can get away with just Iridium coated on most sunny days, they help cut the glare from cars and things well enough, and the angles on things like those don't always get caught by the polarized filters.

    If you're in the Detroit area let me know.
  5. Seabrook

    Seabrook Oakley Beginner

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    vr28 black iridium polarized is actually a very dark tint, only a few % difference from Black iridium polarized. It is misleading however, because the rose base appears to brighten things up as it adds a color contrast. I would recommend bronze for lower light and overcast conditions. Bronze polarized for a solid all around lense for your region.
  6. wrist

    wrist Oakley Collector

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    Bronze Polarized is the most versatile lens out there. Just dark enough for bright conditions without squinting, and definitely light enough for overcast days without being too dark. I know Bronze Polarized is offered for both the SJ and the X. My recommendation would be picking a pair of those lenses up.

    VR28 BI I think you will find to still be too dark for what youre looking for.
  7. irmorrison

    irmorrison Guest

    Everyone I appreciate all of your responses.