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Package From Oakley - Jawbone Project Takes A Leap Forward


Oakley Beginner
Just got home after two days of hard work in another part of the country. The first thing I receive (after saying hi to my wife, my son and my dog (who is named Oakley btw)) is a package from Oakley containing a few nice parts for my Jawbone projects:

Polished Black thrubolts
Pearl white thrubolts
Team Light Blue Jaws

My "build my own custom Jawbones that matches my Oakley trailshorts and jersey" project is now getting closer to completion with the Light Blue Jaws (read more here and here). Still looking for a Retina Burn frame if anyone wants to part with one of those babies.



again - thanks for the head up . . .
got a few spare parts today. hopefully the rest will come in a while.
an atomic orange frame is on the way too :cool:
Do the stores sell these or do I have to call customer service? I want to change the thru bolts on my split jacket. I want to switch out the icons too.
you have to call the customer service or just send a mail!
no icons, no arms....

just jaws, bolts and rubbers as far as i know