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This thread aims to chronicle all the official eyewear releases for Brazil, and to provide information about them. I have found these particularly difficult to find for my own collection due to the high retail prices, the language barrier if you only speak English, and the lack of residents making pairs available on ebay and shops with websites being either unable to communicate or to send items overseas.

ANTIX - Polished Black - Grey Polarized 24-183 ADRIANO DE SOUZA with signature microbag and green square o box
BATWOLF - Polished Black - Grey OO9101-09 ADRIANO DE SOUZA
BIG TACO - Matte Black - Black OO9173-08 ADRIANO DE SOUZA with signature microbag
EYEPATCH II - Matte Black - Warm Grey OO9136-14 ADRIANO DE SOUZA with tartan icon, signature microbag and green square o box
FROGSKINS - Polished Black - Grey 24-213 MARCELO D2 4 legged, large box, quantity 450
GASCAN - Matte Black - Warm Grey 24-056 SANDRO DIAS with gold icon and signature microbag, quantity 900
JULIET - Carbon - Ruby 24-088 NILSON JOIAS (but not confirmed that it was their exclusive within Brazil)
THUMP 2.0 - Polished Black 512MB - Titanium and Emerald etched lenses (label wrongly states Black lens) 05-165D2 MARCELO D2 in signature Thump box, quantity 185

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Not eyewear but the brazil gearbox is amazing, was offered in us for a short period due to shortages.

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