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  1. tmac777311

    tmac777311 Oakley Beginner

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    Anybody ever dealt with one of these. I just got my first notice of one today from Paypal for a jersey I sold Dec 12. Sipped it to his verified Paypal New York address, item said it was eligible for seller protection. Just checked the buyers feedback and he has quite a few "negative" buyer feedback ratings of never paying as of late (after my sale had completed and shipped). "Negative" in the sense that it is left as positive and the explanation says NEGATIVE DID NOT PAY, etc" but has well over 100 transactions.

    Anybody else dealt with this? Any tips? Already provided tracking info. Jersey was only 35$ so not a huge loss, but this dude is obviously an a-hole so I really do not want to have gave him something for free. I do still have his shipping address as well if there is a non-paypal way to go about this.
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  2. GRFMotorsports

    GRFMotorsports is an Oakley whore Premium Member

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    If you have proof it was delivered to the confirmed address your covered. If he is saying what he received was not what you said, its a long drawn out process but to receive his money back he must prove by tracking he shipped it back to you.