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  1. borgs

    borgs Oakley Beginner

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    Hi Oakley friends, exactly one week ago today, I was struck by an SUV while crossing a street. I was literally on a crosswalk with my walk sign on, and more than halfway across, when I was struck. Before I started to cross, I looked both ways to make sure no last minute vehicles were passing. The SUV that struck me came out of nowhere and did not even warm me of its approach.

    I was thrown far from the point of impact, rolled a few times, and got dragged across the pavement by the sheer force of impact. I thought the driver would not stop because the SUV kept going for several yards more before stopping. I did not see the driver come out, and by that time, I was in excruciating pain and trying to find out where my blood was coming from. My back felt like nothing I've experienced before as well.

    Several bystanders came to my aid, some calling 911, others keeping me still. I don't know if they witnessed the actual accident. I tried identifying the driving among the crowd surrounding me but the person never came forward.

    Several minutes later, the police and ems came. I can't remember if it was the police who asked me where and how I got hit but I do remember that the ems examined me and put me on a gurney and made sure I felt my extremities. I was taken to the ER where x-rays and ct scans of my head, neck, spine, and arms were taken.

    I am so thankful that I did not suffer any serious injuries. I was cleared to go home after a few hours. I had several deep abrasions and bad bruises. The next few days were hell, even with the pain meds.

    It's been a week since the accident and for some reason, my police report isn't ready yet. I've been calling and going to the station (which is a few minutes' walk from where I live) and all I've been told is "it's still waiting for supervisor signature". Does it normally take this long? I live in DC. I was also hoping for some advise from the members here who have pertinent knowledge about this type of accidents. What next steps should I take in terms of contacting the other person's insurance to reimburse me for my medical expenses? Do I need a lawyer to help me or is this something I can do on my own? I've been reading up on personal injury cases and I'm thinking that since I did not suffer serious injuries, hiring a lawyer might not be an economically sound decision.
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  2. the_owl

    the_owl Oakley Expert

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    better call saul
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  3. ptownphil

    ptownphil Oakley Hoarder Premium Member

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    Im sorry to hear about this but im glad you are alright. Best of wishes on your uphill fight. And a happy Thanksgiving coming!
  4. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Call an attorney FAST in my opinion.
    You could have something seriously wrong with you that you may not know about right now. You could have a spinal fracture.

    I've fractured vertebrae and the doctors had no clue. I had to tell them something was wrong to make them dig deeper.

    Also, you definitely need to get in touch with their insurance because you should have zero out of pocket medical expenses.

    I'm sure someone who knows more than me about this can chime in.
  5. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

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    I'm glad your ok, that's a horrible mess. I agree you should consult with a lawyer for your own protection.
  6. Swiss Cheeze

    Swiss Cheeze Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    DC. Police report taking a long time? Probably a politician on the phone, dc police dragging their feet.

    Hell yeah I would get a lawyer and they can pay that cost too. See if they had any cameras in the area that might have caught it on video. DC so it's worth a shot.

    Might invest in a reflective vest or just not walk the streets any more. I know I don't. People don't even know what those white lines are for. They must think they are for guiding their car and so they drive over the top of them...duh.
  7. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley R┼Źnin

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    good thing youre ok bro! get well!
  8. Jacob Carstens

    Jacob Carstens Oakley Expert

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    Sorry about your accident. I agree - being in the US - I would get a lawyer and make sure you get an extensive physical examination. Injuries such as hairline fractures can be very hard to detect and like whiplash, they might not give you any symptoms initially.
    I wish you the best - be well...
  9. Ecko

    Ecko Team RamRod Staff Member Premium Member

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    I would agree with the rest. If you leave it to your self they will get over on you. Typically a single person does not have the time or funding to make much of a harassment but a Lawyer will get it done. As unfortunate as it seems a consultation will help.
  10. kronin323

    kronin323 Font of Useless Knowledge Premium Member

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    I don't have any advice to give but I wanted to say sorry about the accident and glad it wasn't worse.