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  1. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

    Hi all,
    I recently aquired a mint pair of penny titaniun/ice ,they are an ealy example number 000698 (from memory) ,thing is the ice lenses are a distinctly different shade of blue from other ice lenses I have, very blue/green in colour has anybody else noticed this with other ice lenses on early pairs - it is extremly unlikely that these have been changed out ,though not impossible.
    Any thoughts or input appreciated.
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  2. discostu

    discostu Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    I've had a couple in the past which have been as you decribed, a little blue to green. I owned 3 pairs at one time and all were very different, as we're the shares of the titanium frames.
  3. OakleyCan

    OakleyCan Oakley Collector

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    That's an extremely low serial number. Could explain for the variance from Ice lenses of today.