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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by JayMann, 8/27/11.

  1. JayMann


    Hi guys

    Anyone out there know of any decent O dealers with a good range of Sunglasses? I'm in the Bedfordshire area its just i don't want to go all the way down to the London Oakley store just to look at a pair that i may or may not want!

    Thanks Jay

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Oakley_Sight


    No real stores in the UK other than London. Some outdoors stores have the odd pair & Vision Express stores. Other than that it appears to be surfing on the net to find them i'm afraid. I'm as frustrated as you are living in the UK too.

  3. Herbsley


    Yup. Agreed.
    I'm quite lucky in that I live quite close to the Metro Centre in Gateshead, which houses a few retailers. Vision Express, SGH, etc.
    You never get discounts though, like our US cousins seem to thrive on. I wonder whether its a cultural thing, or whether there's a secret technique for asking for SGH discounts that I'm not aware of.

    There is an Oakley Vault in York, but it seems to sell mostly DE stuff, and its rare that you find any real discounted bargains there since it changed management a couple of years ago.

    So yeah, unfortunately we get stiffed a bit on Oakley gear in the UK.
    UK website wise though, give ShadeStation a try. They're really good.

  4. JayMann


    Thats a shame oh well will just have to wait till I'm in London in a few weeks and pop in to the covent garden store altho the last time i was in there i asked the guy if the had the new Icon backpack 3 in (i know it was out) yet and he didn't know what i was going on about had to buy it off the new in the end! lol

    Thanks guys


  5. Herbsley


    Indeed. I am regularly amazed by UK shop-floor retailers of Oakley gear who simply do not know their product. I'm always the most informed man in the room.

    It's great to read stories here on the forum about stores in the US where customers and O staff are both as enthusiastic as each other about the products being sold. I wish we could see more of this in the UK.

    We could just start up our own Vault franchises of course.
    But I fear we would end up keeping all the stock!

  6. JayMann


    Ha ha yeah we would need to sell them... maybe just the odd few lol

    It takes the p**s a bit really that when you walk in to a store like this in general people don't know what they are selling think it must be a UK thing? But then again they only work there so don't give a cr*p if anything sells or not they will still get their money at the end of the month i know cuz my staff that work for me are like that! :sad:

  7. dymondo


    Come to Vision Express in Canterbury. I'll test your knowledge - hehehe

  8. Herbsley


    Do you cut Oakley sunglass lenses in your Vision Express?
    There are a couple of other threads here of collectors who have asked their VE to cut lenses for their sunglasses from out of, say, a goggles lens. Just wondering if this is a VE thing across-the-board, and how much it costs?

  9. Oakley_Sight


    My local Vision Express cut some of my old MD lenses down to fit into my Fat Cat's & they did it for FREE.......

  10. FrogTastic


    Try Rubensmenswear. He gets anything that's released in The UK. Takes pre-orders too. Give him a call.

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