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  1. Jordan Christian

    Jordan Christian Oakley Beginner

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    Hey guys, my name is Jordan, I live in Brazil and I am here because of a bad story I wanna share with you guys. Well, I'm a big oakley fan and I got some of their products sneakers, t-shirts, sunglasses but I've never owned any oakley watch. So I went to the internet looking for some watch and I found the crankcase for sale on a local website in my country, like ebay. The price was not so bad 1150 bucks which might be US$ 500 and it looked so cool on the pics, even cooler than the minute machine that is actually too expensive in my opinion. Well I bought it, had to wait 3 days to receive it in my house and than when the post officer came to my house with the watch and I opened the box I just got so pissed off. The watch was fake and was not even working properly. Than I realized that this watch is discontinued and no longer exists for sale. The only ones you see on the web are all fake. Even though it was fake it looked so cool in my arm like no watch I've ever worn, but what was I supposed to do to with that fake watch that doesn't even works, that doesn't even show me what the time it is??? So what I did?? I returned it to the seller and was really a pain in my back to get my money back. Took like 2 months. So here I am. I don't even know if this is gonna work but I want to try. I tried this once but didn't have success. I've sent an email to oakley, told them all the story and asked them to restart this project and produce this watch again, but they contacted me back, said they feel sorry for the situation but they didn't give much atention to my request of remaking it. So finally what I'm here for is to ask anyone on this forum to help me make a petition to bring back the good old crankcase or at least if everyone here send an e-mail telling them to bring it back maybe they could do it. I don't know maybe it sound stupid for some of you but it's something I really want it so if you could help me somehow with this maybe they could bring it back. So that's it. Thank you very much for all of you and feel free to say anything about it below. I would also like to take this opportunity and want to say that I personally think the new oakley sunglasses releases are ugly and too common. The good old days products they used to sell were much better so if you guys want to also ask them to bring back any old product or make new but cool ones I think that would be nice too. Thank you all once again and sorry for any english mistake.
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  2. OakleyGuru379

    OakleyGuru379 What is that thing?!

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    Yeah, and maybe we could get them to open the X metal plant again. And maybe we could hire elves to make them!
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  3. The Game

    The Game Oakley Enthusiast

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    Crankcase? Really?

    Keep looking, you'll find a minute machine for a lower price.
  4. Lexkempo

    Lexkempo Frog Fanatic

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    Look into watches that aren't discontinued ... Might help you get one to Brazil that isn't fake ...

    You might have a heck of a time here finding watches too as some people will refuse to ship to Brazil

    As for the petition, it's like pissing in the Wind ... They don't really care what we think and don't really react to any/all requests about bringing back old or discontinued styles or we'd all have BNIB Juliet's :(
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  5. Ventruck

    Ventruck Oakley Expert

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    *tries to imagine last actual re-release by oakley that wasn't for their anniversary*
    Petition - images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS4uNH5sJAEAdKT-pI6-WKLYhq5L9bygAw1EVr-3A-TXtqxjotm
  6. nightpusher1

    nightpusher1 Guest

    I dont think thats a very good idea,if all the elves are making x-metals who will make all Santas toys for the little girls and boys this Christmas.
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  7. jmaxime89

    jmaxime89 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Amen brother