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Phil Hellmuth Signature Unknown


I should Work at Oakley
Does anyone have a pair of the Phil Hellmuth Signature Unknown that were released in 2005? I was just wondering if they were different from the regular Polished Black / Black Iridium ones (special bag, etched lens, etc.). Would also like to see any pictures if someone has them. Thanks for the help.
everything is the same except the etched Signature lens and part number

Edit: I have the box with mine but there is no special part number. The box is a Polished Black w/ Blk iridium unknown box. The signature is "Phil T Hellmuth Jr". Mine does not have Oakley across the bridge. I am confident this is the original box because it is autographed by Phil...
I have the Unknown - Polished Black - Black PHIL HELLMUTH pair, it has no part code, silver icons and same colour logo on the nose bridge. Left eye is etched with two signatures, one being 'Phil', the other is somebody 'Jr' but can't read who it is. The right eye is etched PROJECT '99 in capitals. They were drawn for the 2006 world series of poker at the Rio Hotel and Casino in August 06, where six pairs were given away. I purchased the pair winning an ebay auction for just £40.07 in April 07. It has a normal black microbag and came with no box.
Thanks for the information guys. I have been looking to buy a pair of these for some time now, but have never seen a pair for sale. Being a poker fan/player....I just want a pair.

You both seem to have a very unique pair.....one autographed by Phil.....and one special WSOP give away. Great stories from both.

@copilot - If you ever have time to post some pictures (glasses and box), I would love to see them. (I know Romeo doesn't do pictures. lol)