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Picked Up Two More!


Double Team
Premium Member
Portland, OR
Recently picked up 2 more glasses to add to the collection.

Casey Stoner/Ducati Scalpel (Polished Black w/Black Iridium)

Crystal Red Jupiter (Crystal Red w/Ruby Iridium)

This is my first Active pair of sunglasses and my 2nd pair of Ducati's. It's also my second pair of Jupiter's, being added in with my MotoGP's. The Crystal Red is now discontinued so try to pick them up fast, my Vault has them for $69.99 so it's a pretty good buy.
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I'm looking to pick up the new Casey stoners. I think they did a great job with those
Nice yeh $70 for the Crystal Red Jupiters is awesome, I think they are sick! Nice pickup!

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