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Pics Of My Completed ARTIST SERIES..

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Deleted member 24

In order from front left to right:

David Flores 1.0 Gascan (Brown)
David Flores 2.0 Gascan (Blue)
2X Whoisthiskid? Hijinx
C100 Gascan
C100 Jupiter
Frank Kozik Hijinx
Don Pendleton Fuel Cell
Mambo Antix
Robert Pimple Hijinx
London Police Gascan
Art Chantry Hijinx
Todd Francis Eyepatch
Will Barras Montefrio
Caia Koopman Ravishing
Naomi South Eternal
Stamnley Donwood Jupiter
i would say it´s good amount of $$ on that table and it took a while to get all of these.
So YOURE the man behind the video of the completed set on O-Review. Awesome awesome awesome. Ive been using your video to scope out my next artist pickups.