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  1. sunpoh

    sunpoh Oakley Enthusiast

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    After getting my royal blue gen 1 frogs, I am going crazy for gen 1s, and would love to see more and more pics of them.
    So post your collection of generation 1 frogs in any COLOUR or COMBINATION! If someone already post the same combo or COLOUR. Who cares? Post them again! It's always good to say how people take pictures of their oakleys.

    Simple rules apply:
    1) use your own pictures
    2) pictures, or you dont own them!

    Here's mine. I will try to get nicer pics if I can borrow a better camera. But for now. Enjoy. Pictures!!! Gen 1 Frogs! - qe9uzyhy.jpg
    Pictures!!! Gen 1 Frogs! - yjejatad.jpg
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