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Pitboss values starting to climb


I put the G in GMoney
Is it just me?
I hate to use e bay as a bench mark.

But all PB including the 2's seemed to have gone up
Or at least the asking price
Long gone are the $230 PB 2
They all seem to start around $300 for PB2 and $500+ on PB1
The PB1 have always been few and far between on the ol E bay, as well as here on the forums.

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I'm sorry. I started saving up for a pair and of course prices go up. If y'all want, I will stop. This will guarantee a price drop. I will put my money towards a Mars Crater. Prices will jump in those accordingly.

In the case of the PB2, you may as well wait for a sale. They pop up on 6pm.com for $240 once in a while.