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I have the flak jacket XLJ with the polarized Shallow Blue lens, and have worn them out with scratches, looking to buy other lens to replace them, wonder if there might be a better option than this tint? I bought them in 2008 and Oakley was advertising these lens along with the VR28 polarized as their FISHING SPECIFIC lens. I am a guide in northern canada and alot of my guiding involves sight fishing for northern pike, along with constantly looking on for hidden underwater rocks and reefs that can destroy the motor, they are everywhere on the lakes that I guide at. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!

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I fish a bunch and will let you know that the Black Iridium Polarized lens you might not want. I have these and though I like them a lot they are great on BRIGHT SUNNY days(if you want a specific lens for this) they slightly falter on cloudy, partly cloudy, overcast days they just get too dark you might miss some structure lose contrast. I havent tried other lens so cant help there.
Some sites/brands will say polarization is not needed on cloudy overcast days this is just not the case. You fish get polarized lens.


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I'm curious to see what response you get. I'm thinking VR28 polarized may be the right solution, but as I don't have any, I'm curious what others say to cut down the reflection. Going fishing, you also have to go in and out of shade frequently.


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If you have an iPad, there is an app that Oakley has that shows lens types in different conditions. A lake is one of them. Also bass pro shop and cabelas have fishing specific combinations. Looks like vr28 polarized and a light blue polarized are what they suggest. Hope that helps


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Im no expert in the fishing department but I figured I would throw out my two cents. It seems like one of the issues is changing conditions while outside, so I might consider transitions or photochromic lenses, you can see them here and watch how they change. ... otochromic I don't own any pairs with photochromic lenses, but they seem like they might work here...


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a good friend of me was last week out for fishing in norway. almost he had cloudy weather, he used tungsten iridium polarized. brown base for good contrast / Iridium against the sporadic sunshine and the polarized filter you know against the light reflexis. I would not do without a polarization filter, rather take a light glass (bronze pol / tungsten pol / Vr28 Pol) and work with a cap if it is too light. best solution


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i would say if you dont like shallow blue lenses which are specific for fishing, then i would go with the VR28 of something along those lines, possibly anything bronze will work too. for sure polarized, it allows you too see in the water which is huge when fishing. if you have the flaks u can get some different lenses so you can interchange them and maybe have ones for different conditions

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Bronze or tungsten is the way to go. Vr28 if you can't get the others.