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Polarized lens

John. Walker

Oakley Enthusiast
just wondering which lens would be the best. It's for my jawbreakers Was looking at the deep water versus the shallow water polarized for fishing I'm on the water from 6 am till 9 at night quite often and fine the jawbreakers very comfortable even after all that time on the water thanks
what do us think of the deep,water polirzed lens do,they block,out more light then the shallow ones are they just as good for fishing in shallow water 3-10"ft thanks john
Again without using the shallow in comparison all I can say is the deep are fine. By the book they do block out more light with a 12% trans compared to 15% for shallow, but IMO not too much. I'd be fine using them fishing in shallow water, I just can't say if the shallow are that much better for it.
I have used both the shallow and deep on multiple occasions for fishing in freshwater and saltwater and to be honest, the deep water polar performs better in both shallow and deep water. The shallow water polar works decent for just a few feet deep, but the deep water polar works better in both shallow and deep water. I find myself grabbing for my deep water polar pairs for all of my fishing needs now.

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