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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by snumfalzumpa, 10/2/11.

  1. snumfalzumpa


    I really love my polarized VR28 black iridum lenses, definitely my favorite out of all the Oakley lenses I've tried so far.... It just seems to have the best contrast and clarity for me.... One problem I do have though is I think the polarization throws off my depth perception just a tiny bit which doesn't happen with my other lenses....

    So anyways what do you guys prefer? Polarized? Iridium? or maybe both?

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  2. Oakley_Sight


    I only have one pair of polarized Oakley's & they only come out on a special ocassion. Most of my other glasses & either Black, Fire or Emerald Iridium lenses. I love the Iridium lens mainly because of the variaty of colours that are available. I have struggled to see any real benifit from my polarized lenses but then again maybe i should start wearing them more to judge against the Iridium.

  3. the piper

    the piper

    polarized messes with my depth perception also...It happens to anywhere from 1/10 to 1/100 people depending on who u listen to..so I am in a minority, I know... it all depends on your eyes. Polarization helps prevent wife's migraines but gives me migraines..I am just glad I figured out it was that and not just any O lens...I know pilots can't use them in the air force but I forgot the reason...its a matter of how your eyes are I have contacts and bad astygmatism as well as vertigo I take meds for so I am probably just messed up...Black or Ice works for me fine in Bright bright light...

  4. Coolluke



    I work out in the Sun all day and I can tell you a good polarized lenses can make a difference-however as nice as Oakleys polarized lenses are, there is another brand that is a couple steps ahead of Oakley in that department(I won't mention it here). However, when talking about Oakley-I also don't see a huge difference betwwen their polarized and the black or iridium.

  5. Oakley_Sight


    I live in the UK so we don't usually do sun............................LOL

  6. yoshi1984


    UK..Sun? oh that big bright thing in the sky we see a few times a week?
    Personally, i'd love to live in the UK since i HATE sunny weather. Yeah it's fun but god, i love cloudy overcast weather. thats why i am happy to be moving to Portland Oregon's pacific northwest where it's much closer to UK weather. very cloudy rainy cool weather.

    One nice thing about west coast is being able to wear my Oakley's practically every day out of the year.

  7. yoshi1984


    I only own 1 polarized pair, my antix. I have owned a polarized eyepatch in the past, didn't really have eye problems with it, just more of an annoyance since of course it makes it very difficult to see the screen's on your phone's or mp3 players unless you hold it at an angle...but other than that, polarization doesn't hurt my eyes thankfully. I also rarely have a need for it, i'm rarely near water or anything where it helps the most.

  8. snumfalzumpa


    woops i accidentally put this thread in the wrong section, my bad. not sure how that happened....

    mods, can you move it?

  9. Oakley Doki

    Oakley Doki

    I haven't tried the Iridium, but I do appritciate polarized lenses over plain.

  10. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    moved to the right section :biggrin:

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