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Discussion in 'Oakley Watches Discussion' started by Oakely x-metal, 3/9/16.

  1. Oakely x-metal

    Oakely x-metal

    I got my self a polished gearbox black and white face. I love it. But my only worry about it is the polish case. I was wondering if it scraches easily? Compared to the polished titanium minute machine. I was told that the OMM scraches easily because it wasn't a real polished titanium. But the gear box is steal polished.

    Do you think it will scratch much faster or easier on this watch??

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  2. Kkelsk44

    Kkelsk44 Premium Member

    I really don't know great watch I have one Keith k

  3. kronin323

    kronin323 Premium Member

    Titanium actually scratches more easily than SS. Both will scratch pretty easily so the difference between one or the other isn't really relevant, from a practical perspective.

    What does make a difference is trying to polish out scratches; with the polished MM it's a coating so trying to polish out the scratches makes it worse, like if you tried to polish scratches out of a PVD finish.

    I would expect the polished gearbox can have scratches polished out but I'm unaware of anybody trying one yet.

  4. Oakely x-metal

    Oakely x-metal

    Ok cool thank you so much. I just got my polished gearbox and I'm worried to wear it. Haha. I had the OMM and it scratch so fast so easy. But this one looks stronger but not sure how easy and bad it will look if it does get marks and hairline haha.

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